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We have miniature poodles with 24 verified AKC Champions in the direct bloodline. Genetic testing clear and healthy. Some with rare silver/brown on black phantom coloring developing. Sire and Dam are our family pets. ~ Genetic testing (Valued at about $250) completed on Sire and Dam to verify DNA and health index. The testing confirmed they do not carry any disorders or diseases. We have severe animal allergies in our family and these dogs do not shed and are great for people with allergies. 6% Border Collie from Mom 5 generations back to increase intellect. Border Collies are listed as the #1 smartest dog, and Poodles are the #2 smartest. These dogs are smart and very easy to train! Items Included: First vet health exam, distemper and bordatella immunizations, stool testing and deworming if necessary, collar, leash, a 24-32 inch double door kennel crate with divider, 11lb bag (approx 80 days) of premium 4.5 star Nulo puppy food to ensure his healthy development. See .DogFoodAdvisor $1150 down credit cards accepted with Rebates of up-to $500 available for spay, nueter, and training verification using www.TheOnlineDogTrainercom methods.
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Born June 18, 2018
PostedJuly 29, 2018

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