NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, under Philadelphia Home Rule Charter Sections 8-407 and 7-400 that on May 11, 2018 Amendments of Civil Service Regulations 5.158 Classes Eligible for In-
Position Promotion; 6.14-53 Emergency Medical Technicians Assigned as Emergency Medical Services Instructors at the Fire Training Academy or at the Randolph Skills Center; 9.018-1
Examination Accommodations for Disabled Applicants; 30.10 Residency Requirement for Employees in Deputy Sheriff Classes promulgated by the Office of Human Resources were filed with the Department of Records, Room 158, City Hall. Anyone affected thereby may file written request for hearing with the Department of Records within thirty (30) days from the above date.

James P. Leonard, Esq.
Commissioner of

Ref# 0003359373-01
PostedMay 17, 2018