NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO Jason Johnson whereabouts unknown: Pursuant to 22 MRS 4001 et seq., the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (hereafter "DHHS") has petitioned the Court for a Child Protective Order concerning the child: Jaedyn Johnson d/o/b: 6/30/2014 born at Augusta, Maine. The mother is Tabatha Blodgett, and the father is Jason Johnson. DHHS has met the requirements of MR Civ. P. Rule 4(g)(1)(A)-(C). Hearing on the pending petition(s) will be held at Maine District Court, Capital Judicial Center, 1 Court Street, Suite 101, Augusta ME 04330 on March 5, 2019, at 8:30am. Failure to appear at this hearing may result in the issuance of a child protection order, the termination of your parental rights, and/or any other order permissible under 22 MRS 4001 et seq. You may be entitled to legal counsel in these proceedings. Contact the court at the above address or 207-213-2800 (phone). To obtain a copy of the Petition(s), contact the court or DHHS at 207-626-8800; 35 Anthony Ave., Augusta ME 04333 (phone and address). DHHS is represented by the Maine Office of the Attorney General, 6 Statehouse Station, Augusta ME 04333.

Ref# 0003384008-01
PostedFebruary 17, 2019