Docket No.: 161102853

U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee,successor in interest to Wachovia Bank, Na-tional Association, as Trustee for GSMPSMortgage Loan Trust 2005-RP2, Plaintiff vs.George Moyett, Sr. a/k/a George Moyett, asHeir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett, Un-known Heirs and/or Administrators of the Es-tate of Eulogio Moyett and George Moyett,Jr., as Heir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett,Defendants


To: Unknown Heirs and/or Administrators ofthe Estate of Eulogio Moyett and GeorgeMoyett, Jr., as Heir to the Estate of EulogioMoyett, Defendant(s), 1908 Mutter Street, Phil-adelphia, PA 19122. TAKE NOTICE: That theSheriff's Sale of Real Property (Real Estate)will be held at 3801 Market St., 3rd Fl., Phila.PA on 5/ 1/18 at 9:00AM prevailing localtime. THE PROPERTY TO BE SOLD is delineated in detail in a legal description consist-ing of a statement of the measured boundaries of the property, together with a brief men-tion of the buildings and any other majorimprovements erected on the land. The LOCATION of your property to be sold is: 1908Mutter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122. TheJUDGMENT under or pursuant to which yourproperty is being sold is docketed to: No.161102853. THE NAME(S) OF THE OWNER(S)OR REPUTED OWNER(S) OF THIS PROPERTYARE: George Moyett, Sr. a/k/a George Moyett, as Heir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett,Unknown Heirs and/or Administrators of theEstate of Eulogio Moyett and George Moyett,Jr., as Heir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett. ASCHEDULE OF DISTRIBUTION, being a list ofthe persons and/or governmental or corporateentities or agencies being entitled to receivepart of the proceeds of the sale received andto be disbursed by the Sheriff (for example tobanks that hold mortgages and municipalitiesthat are owed taxes), will be filed by theSheriff thirty (30) days after the sale, and distribution of the proceeds of sale in accordance with this schedule will, in fact, bemade unless someone objects by filing excep-tions to it, within ten (10) days of the date itis filed. Information about the Schedule ofDistribution may be obtained from the Sheriffof the Court of Common Pleas of Phila. County, ATTN: REAL ESTATE, 100 S. Broad St.,5th Fl., Phila., PA 19110. THIS PAPER IS ANOTICE OF THE TIME AND PLACE OF THESALE OF YOUR PROPERTY. It has been issued because there is a Judgment against you.It may cause your property to be held, to besold or taken to pay the Judgment. You mayhave legal rights to prevent your propertyfrom being taken. A lawyer can advise youmore specifically of these rights. If you wish toexercise your rights, you must act promptly.YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOURLAWYER AT ONCE. GO TO OR TELEPHONETHE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW TO FINDOUT WHERE YOU CAN GET FREE LEGALADVICE. Lawyer Referral and Info. Service,Phila. Bar Assn., 1101 Market St., 11th Fl.,Phila., PA 19107, 215.238.6333. THE LEGALRIGHTS YOU MAY HAVE ARE: 1. You mayfile a petition with the Court of CommonPleas of Philadelphia County to open theJudgment if you have a meritorious defenseagainst the person or company that has entered judgment against you. You may also filea petition with the same Court if you areaware of a legal defect in the obligation orthe procedure used against you. 2. After theSheriff's Sale, you may file a petition with theCourt of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County to set aside the sale for a grossly inadequate price or for other proper cause. Thispetition must be filed before the Sheriff'sDeed is delivered. 3. A petition or petitionsraising the legal issues or rights mentioned inthe preceding paragraphs must be presentedto the Court of Common Pleas of PhiladelphiaCounty. The petition must be served on theattorney for the creditor or on the creditorbefore presentation to the Court and a proposed order or rule must be attached to thepetition. If a specific return date is desired,such date must be obtained from the CourtAdministrator's Office, Phila. County Court-house, 284 City Hall, Phila., PA 19107, beforepresentation of the petition to the Court. Dated 1/24/18. Cristina L. Connor, Atty forPlaintiff., Manley Deas Kochalski LLC, P.O.Box 165028, Columbus, OH 43216-5028,614.222.4921.

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PostedFebruary 19, 2018