• Notice is hereby giventhat the...

Notice is hereby giventhat the Board ofSurveyors has fixedupon Mon., 10/2/2017 at 2:00 P.M. inConference Rm. B,16th Fl., MunicipalServices Bldg., 1401JFK Blvd., for a hear-ing to acquaint all in-terested parties ofthe facts in the con-firmation of the fol-lowing plan: No. 44 -Revising the lines andgrades on a portionof City Plan No. 44by placing on theCity Plan 37th St.from Market St. toFilbert St. and fromFilbert St. to WarrenSt., Cuthbert St. from37th St. to 38th St.,north of Filbert St., &Warren St. from 37thSt. to 38th St. Theabove plan may beexamined at the of-fice of the 7th SurveyDistrict, located at6448 Woodland Ave.or at the City PlansUnit, Bureau of Sur-veys & Design, Rm.880, Municipal Ser-vices Bldg., 1401 JFKBlvd.

Darin Gatti, P.E.
Chief Engineer &Surveyor

Ref# 0003330893-01
PostedSeptember 13, 2017