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Bank of America, N.A., Plaintiff vs. Estate ofJohn R. Swingler, Jr., Jessie Swingler, Per-sonal Representative of the Estate of John R.Swingler, Jr., Malik Swingler, Known Heir ofJohn R. Swingler, Jr., Raheem Swingler,Known Heir of John R. Swingler, Jr., SheniSwingler, Known Heir of John R. Swingler, Jr.and Unknown Heirs, Successors, Assigns andAll Persons Firms or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest From Or Under John R.Swingler, Jr., Defendants


TO: Unknown Heirs, Successors, Assigns andAll Persons Firms or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest From or Under John R.Swingler, Jr., Defendant(s), 423 West ElletStreet, Philadelphia, PA 19119.
Your house (real estate) at 423 West ElletStreet, Philadelphia, PA 19119, is scheduled tobe sold at the Sheriff's Sale on 5/2/17 at 9:00A.M. at the First District Plaza, 3801 MarketSt., Phila., PA 19104, to enforce the courtjudgment of $389,261.01, obtained by Plaintiffabove (the mortgagee) against you. If the saleis postponed, the property will be relisted forthe Next Available Sale. Property Description:The land referred to in this Commitment isdescribed as follows: ALL THAT CERTAIN lotor piece of ground, described according to aSurvey thereof made by John T. CampbellSurveyor and Regulator of the 9th District,dated January 11, 1949 as follows to wit:SITUATE on the Northwesterly side of ElletStreet (70 feet wide) at the distance of 109feet, 10 inches Northeastwardly from theNortheasterly side of Cherokee Street (60 feetwide) in the 22nd (formerly part of the 59th)Ward of the City of Philadelphia; thence ex-tending North 48 degrees, 16 minutes, 25 se-conds West 136 feet 8-1/4 inches to a pointin the center line of a certain 15 feet widedriveway which extends Northeastwardly fromthe said Cherokee Street and connects with acertain other 15 feet wide driveway which ex-tends Southeastwardly into Ellet Street; thenceextending North 41 degrees, 43 minutes, 35seconds East along the center line of the said15 feet driveway 27 feet 5- 3/8 inches to apoint; thence extending South 48 degrees, 16minutes, 25 seconds East partly through thecenter of a party wall 133 feet 11-1/2 inchesto a point on the Northwesterly side of ElletStreet thence extending South 36 degrees 1minute, 6 seconds West along theNorthwesterly side of Ellet Street 27 feet 7 in-ches to the first mentioned point and place atbeginning. BEING No. 423 West Ellet Street.TOGETHER with the free and common use,right, liberty and privilege of all abutting andadjoining driveways as now laid out in com-mon with owners, tenants and occupiers ofthe lots of ground bounding thereon and en-titled to the use thereof. Being the samepremises which Linda Ann Swingler by Deeddated 6/7/1979 and recorded 6/12/1979 inPhiladelphia County in Deed Book DCC 1975Page 13 conveyed unto Linda Ann Swingler, infee. And the said Linda Swingler, died on 3/8/1993, intestate. And Letters of Administration were granted on 8/5/1997 unto John R.Swingler in Philadelphia County under Registerof Wills number 1409 of 1993. Being the samepremises which John R. Swingler, Jr. Adminis-trator for the Estate of Linda Ann Swingler byDeed dated 7/15/1997 and recorded 9/15/1997 in Philadelphia County in Deed BookJTD 412 Page 423 conveyed unto John R.Swingler, Jr., in fee. BEING KNOWN AS: 423West Ellet Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119.PROPERTY ID NO.: 22-3157000. TITLE TOSAID PREMISES IS VESTED IN John R.Swingler, Jr. BY DEED FROM John R. Swingler, Jr., Administrator for the Estate of LindaAnn Swingler DATED 7/15/1997 RECORDED9/15/1997 IN DEED BOOK 412 Page 423 orat Instrument Number. UDREN LAW OFFICES,P.C. IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND THIS ISAN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY IN-FORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FORTHAT PURPOSE. IF YOU ARE NOT OBLIGAT-ED UNDER THE NOTE OR YOU ARE INBANKRUPTCY OR YOU RECEIVED A DIS-CHARGE OF YOUR PERSONAL LIABILITYUNDER THE NOTE IN BANKRUPTCY, THISCOMMUNICATION IS NOT SENT TO COL-LECT THE DEBT; RATHER, IT IS SENT ONLYTO PROVIDE INFORMATION WITH REGARDTO THE LENDER'S RIGHT TO ENFORCE THELIEN OF MORTGAGE. Udren Law Offices, P.C., Attys. for Plaintiff, 111 Woodcrest Rd.,Ste. 200, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, 856.669.5400.

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PostedMarch 26, 2017