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Court of Common Pleas
Phila. County, PA
Civil Division
NO: 160800060

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Plaintiff vs. Un-known Heirs, Successors, Assigns, and allPersons, Firms, or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest from or under MalcomN. Graham, Jr., deceased and Sheila Graham,Known Heir of Malcolm N. Graham, Jr., de-ceased, Defendant(s)


TO: Unknown Heirs, Successors, Assigns, andall Persons, Firms, or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest from or under MalcolmN. Graham, Jr., deceased, Defendant(s), 5018North 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19141.
Your house (real estate) at: 5018 North 10thStreet, Philadelphia, PA 19141, 491357700, isscheduled to be sold at Sheriff's Sale on September 12, 2017, at 9:00AM, at 3801 MarketSt., 3rd Fl., Phila., PA 19104, to enforce thecourt judgment of $23,218.36, obtained byNationstar Mortgage LLC, (the mortgagee)against you. - NOTICE OF OWNER'S RIGHTS- YOU MAY BE ABLE TO PREVENT THISSHERIFF'S SALE - To prevent this Sheriff'sSale you must take immediate action: 1. Thesale will be cancelled if you pay back toNationstar Mortgage LLC, the amount of thejudgment plus costs or the back payments,late charges, costs, and reasonable attorneys'fees due. To find out how much you mustpay, you may call :(610)278-6800. 2. You maybe able to stop the sale by filing a petitionasking the Court to strike or open the judg-ment, if the judgment was improperly entered.You may also ask the Court to postpone thesale for good cause. 3. You may be able tostop the sale through other legal proceedings.4. You may need an attorney to assert yourrights. The sooner you contact one, the morechance you will have of stopping the sale.(See notice below on how to obtain an attor-ney.) YOU MAY STILL BE ABLE TO SAVEYOUR PROPERTY AND YOU HAVE OTHERRIGHTS EVEN IF THE SHERIFF'S SALE DOESTAKE PLACE 5. If the Sheriff's Sale is notstopped, your property will be sold to thehighest bidder. You may find out the price bidby calling (610)278-6800. 6. You may be ableto petition the Court to set aside the sale ifthe bid price was grossly inadequate compar-ed to the value of your property. 7. The salewill go through only if the buyer pays theSheriff the full amount due in the sale. To findout if this has happened you may call (215)686-3535. 8. If the amount due from the buyeris not paid to the Sheriff, you will remain theowner of the property as if the sale neverhappened. 9. You have a right to remain inthe property until the full amount due is paidto the Sheriff and the Sheriff gives a deed tothe buyer. At that time, the buyer may bringlegal proceedings to evict you. 10. You maybe entitled to a share of the money, whichwas paid for your house. A schedule of distri-bution of the money bid for your house willbe filed by the Sheriff no later than thirty daysafter the Sheriff Sale. This schedule will statewho will be receiving the money. The moneywill be paid out in accordance with thisschedule unless exceptions (reasons why theproposed distribution is wrong) are filed withthe Sheriff within ten (10) days after the dateof filing of said schedule. 11. You may alsohave other rights and defenses or ways ofgetting your house back, if you act immedi-ately after the sale. YOU SHOULD TAKE THISPAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOUDO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AF-FORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OF-FICE LISTED BELOW TO FIND OUT WHEREYOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP. Phila. LawyerReferral Service/Phila. Bar Assn., 1101 MarketSt., 10th Fl., Phila., PA 19107. PURSUANT TOTHE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICESACT YOU ARE ADVISED THAT THIS LAWFIRM IS DEEMED TO BE A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANYINFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USEDFOR THAT PURPOSE. Christopher A. De-Nardo, Kristen D. Little, Kevin S. Frankel,Samantha Gable, Daniel T. Lutz, Leslie J.Rase, Alison H. Tulio & Katherine M. Wolf, At-tys. for Plaintiff, Shapiro & DeNardo, LLC,3600 Horizon Dr., Ste. 150, King of Prussia,PA 19406, 610.278.6800

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PostedJune 01, 2017