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Court of Common Pleas
Phila. County, PA
Civil Division
NO: 00994 June 2014

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, Plaintiff vs. Unknown Heirs, Successors, Assigns, and allPersons, Firms, or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest from or under GennevaThornton, deceased, Defendant(s)


TO: Unknown Heirs, Successors, Assigns, andall Persons, Firms, or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest from or under GennevaThornton, deceased, Defendant(s), 6562Windsor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142.
Your house (real estate) at 6562 WindsorAvenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142, 403083900, isscheduled to be sold at Sheriff's Sale on 5/1/18, at 9:00AM, at 3801 Market St., 3rd Fl.,Phila., PA 19104, to enforce the court judg-ment of $54,387.99, obtained by BayviewLoan Servicing, LLC, (the mortgagee) againstyou. - NOTICE OF OWNER'S RIGHTS - YOUMAY BE ABLE TO PREVENT THIS SHERIFF'SSALE - To prevent this Sheriff's Sale youmust take immediate action: 1. The sale willbe cancelled if you pay back to Bayview LoanServicing, LLC, the amount of the judgmentplus costs or the back payments, late charges, costs, and reasonable attorneys' fees due.To find out how much you must pay, you maycall :(610)278-6800. 2. You may be able tostop the sale by filing a petition asking theCourt to strike or open the judgment, if thejudgment was improperly entered. You mayalso ask the Court to postpone the sale forgood cause. 3. You may be able to stop thesale through other legal proceedings. 4. Youmay need an attorney to assert your rights.The sooner you contact one, the more chanceyou will have of stopping the sale. (See noticebelow on how to obtain an attorney.) YOUMAY STILL BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR PROP-ERTY AND YOU HAVE OTHER RIGHTS EVENIF THE SHERIFF'S SALE DOES TAKE PLACE5. If the Sheriff's Sale is not stopped, yourproperty will be sold to the highest bidder.You may find out the price bid by calling(610)278-6800. 6. You may be able to petitionthe Court to set aside the sale if the bid pricewas grossly inadequate compared to the valueof your property. 7. The sale will go throughonly if the buyer pays the Sheriff the fullamount due in the sale. To find out if this hashappened you may call (215)686- 3535. 8. Ifthe amount due from the buyer is not paid tothe Sheriff, you will remain the owner of theproperty as if the sale never happened. 9. Youhave a right to remain in the property untilthe full amount due is paid to the Sheriff andthe Sheriff gives a deed to the buyer. At thattime, the buyer may bring legal proceedingsto evict you. 10. You may be entitled to ashare of the money, which was paid for yourhouse. A schedule of distribution of the money bid for your house will be filed by theSheriff no later than thirty days after theSheriff Sale. This schedule will state who willbe receiving the money. The money will bepaid out in accordance with this schedule unless exceptions (reasons why the proposeddistribution is wrong) are filed with the Sheriffwithin ten (10) days after the date of filing ofsaid schedule. 11. You may also have otherrights and defenses or ways of getting yourhouse back, if you act immediately after thesale. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TOYOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOTHAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORDONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICELISTED BELOW TO FIND OUT WHERE YOUCAN GET LEGAL HELP. Phila. Lawyer Refer-ral Service/Phila. Bar Assn., 1101 Market St.,10th Fl., Phila., PA 19107. PURSUANT TOTHE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICESACT YOU ARE ADVISED THAT THIS LAWFIRM IS DEEMED TO BE A DEBT COLLECT-OR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANYINFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USEDFOR THAT PURPOSE. Christopher A. DeNardo, Kristen D. Little, Kevin S. Frankel,Samantha Gable, Daniel T. Lutz, Leslie J.Rase, Alison H. Tulio & Katherine M. Wolf, Attys. for Plaintiff, Shapiro & DeNardo, LLC,3600 Horizon Dr., Ste. 150, King of Prussia,PA 19406, 610.278.6800.

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PostedFebruary 04, 2018