Docket No.: 180103129

LNV Corporation, Plaintiff vs. Takia Anderson,as Believed Heir and/or Administrator to theEstate of Kim Miller-Anderson a/k/a Kim Mil-ler Anderson and Unknown Heirs and/or Ad-ministrators of the Estate of Kim Miller-Ander-son a/k/a Kim Miller Anderson, Defendant(s) -NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE OF REALPROPERTY - PURSUANT TO PENNSYLVANIARULE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE 3129 - To: Un-known Heirs and/or Administrators of the Es-tate of Kim Miller-Anderson a/k/a Kim MillerAnderson, Defendant(s), 5510 Willows Avenue,Philadelphia, PA 19143. TAKE NOTICE: Thatthe Sheriff's Sale of Real Property (Real Es-tate) will be held at 3801 Market St., 3rd Fl.,Phila. PA on 8/ 7/18 at 9:00AM prevailinglocal time. The LOCATION of your property tobe sold is: 5510 Willows Avenue, Philadelphia,PA 19143. The JUDGMENT under or pursuantto which your property is being sold isdocketed to No. 180103129. THE NAME(S) OFTHE OWNER(S) OR REPUTED OWNER(S) OFTHIS PROPERTY ARE: Takia Anderson, asBelieved Heir and/or Administrator to the Es-tate of Kim Miller-Anderson a/k/a Kim MillerAnderson and Unknown Heirs and/or Adminis-trators of the Estate of Kim Miller-Andersona/k/ a Kim Miller Anderson. A SCHEDULE OFDISTRIBUTION, being a list of the personsand/or governmental or corporate entities oragencies being entitled to receive part of theproceeds of the sale received and to be dis-bursed by the Sheriff (for example to banksthat hold mortgages and municipalities thatare owed taxes), will be filed by the Sheriffthirty (30) days after the sale, and distributionof the proceeds of sale in accordance withthis schedule will, in fact, be made unlesssomeone objects by filing exceptions to it,within ten (10) days of the date it is filed. Info.about the Schedule of Distribution may beobtained from the Sheriff of the Court ofCommon Pleas of Philadelphia County, Attn.:Real Estate, 100 S. Broad St., 5th Fl., Phila.,PA 19110. THIS PAPER IS A NOTICE OF THETIME AND PLACE OF THE SALE OF YOURPROPERTY. It has been issued because thereis a Judgment against you. It may cause yourproperty to be held, to be sold or taken topay the Judgment. You may have legal rightsto prevent your property from being taken. Alawyer can advise you more specifically ofthese rights. If you wish to exercise yourrights, you must act promptly. YOU SHOULDTAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER ATONCE. GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICESET FORTH BELOW TO FIND OUT WHEREYOU CAN GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE. LawyerReferral & Info. Service, Phila. Bar Assn., 1101Market St., 11th Fl., Phila., PA 19107,215.238.6333. THE LEGAL RIGHTS YOU MAYHAVE ARE: 1. You may file a petition with theCourt of Common Pleas of Phila. County toopen the Judgment if you have a meritoriousdefense against the person or company thathas entered judgment against you. You mayalso file a petition with the same Court if youare aware of a legal defect in the obligationor the procedure used against you. 2. Afterthe Sheriff's Sale, you may file a petition withthe Court of Common Pleas of Phila. Countyto set aside the sale for a grossly inadequateprice or for other proper cause. This petitionmust be filed before the Sheriff's Deed is de-livered. 3. A petition or petitions raising thelegal issues or rights mentioned in the preced-ing paragraphs must be presented to theCourt of Common Pleas of Phila. County. Thepetition must be served on the attorney forthe creditor or on the creditor before pre-sentation to the Court and a proposed orderor rule must be attached to the petition. If aspecific return date is desired, such date mustbe obtained from the Court Admins. Office,Phila. County Courthouse, 284 City Hall, Phila., PA 19107, before presentation of the peti-tion to the Court. Dated: 5/10/18, Cristina L.Connor, Atty. for Plaintiff, Manley Deas Kochalski LLC, P.O. Box 165028, Columbus, OH
43216, 614.222.4921, clconnor@manleydeas.com

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PostedJune 24, 2018