July 21, 2017
11:00 A.M.
Prevailing Time

Conditions: $ 3,000.00 cash or certified check at time of sale (unless otherwise stated in advertisement), balance in ten days. Other conditions on day of sale.
"To all parties in interest and claimants:
TAKE NOTICE that a Schedule of Distribution will be filed within thirty (30) days from the date of sale and distribution will be made in accordance with the Schedule of Distribution unless exceptions are filed thereto within ten (10) days thereafter. No further notice of the filling of the Schedule of Distribution will be given.
No. 6325 2014


ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground, Situate in the Township of Aston, County of Delaware, and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described according to a Final Plan of Lots for Cherry Tree Woods IV, made by Catania Engineering Associates, Inc, Consulting Engineers, Chester, PA dated 8/14/1978 and last revised 1/11/1979 as follows, to wit:
BEGINNING at a point on the Northwesterly side of Cathy Lane (50 feet wide) measured the (2) following courses and distances from a point of curve on the Northeasterly side of Cherry Tree Road: (1) on the arc of a circle curving to the left having a radius of 25 feet, the arc distance of 39.27 feet to a point of tangent; and (2) North 58 degrees, 36 minute, 25 seconds East 68.27 feet to the point and place of beginning; thence extending from said beginning point, along line of Lot No. 10 on said Plan, North 31 degrees, 23 minutes, 35 seconds West 139.92 feet to a point; thence extending North 56 degrees, 10 minutes, 25 seconds East 80.08 feet to a point, a corner of Lot No. 95 on said plan; thence extending along the same South 31 degrees, 23 minutes, 35 seconds East 143.32 feet to a point on the Northwesterly side of Cathy Lane, aforesaid; thence extending along the same South 58 degrees, 36 min-utes, 25 seconds West 80 feet to the first mentioned point of beginning.
No. 02-00-00241-19.
BEING Lot No. 94, Section II as shown on said Plan.
IMPROVEMENTS CONSIST OF: a residential property.
SOLD AS THE PROPERTY OF: Robert C. Bean and Yvonne J. Bean.
Hand Money
Powers, Kirn & Associates, LLC, Attorney

Mary McFall Hopper, Sheriff


Ref# 0003321583-01
PostedJune 28, 2017