June 16, 2017
11:00 A.M.
Prevailing Time

Conditions: $ 3,000.00 cash or certified check at time of sale (unless otherwise stated in advertisement), balance in ten days. Other conditions on day of sale.
"To all parties in interest and claimants:
TAKE NOTICE that a Schedule of Distribution will be filed within thirty (30) days from the date of sale and distribution will be made in accordance with the Schedule of Distribution unless exceptions are filed thereto within ten (10) days thereafter. No further notice of the filling of the Schedule of Distribution will be given.
No. 08054 2015


ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon erected,
SITUATE in the Borough of Collingdale, County of Delaware and State of Pennsylvania, described according to a survey and plan made of Westmont Drive Section of Lansdowne Park Gardens, Plan No. 6A made by Damon and Foster, Civil Engineers, Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, on August 1, 1950 and revised October 23, 1950, as follows, to wit:
BEGINNING at a point on the Northeasterly side of Windsor Road (fifty feet wide) which point is measured South twenty-eight degrees, thirty-five minutes East one hundred ninety-six and sixty-seven one-hundredths feet from a point, which point is measured on the arc of a circle curving to the left having a radius of twenty-five feet the arc distance of forty and forty-five one-hundredths feet from a point on the Southerly side of Westmont Drive (fifty feet wide).
CONTAINING in front or breadth on said Windsor Road sixteen feet and extending of that width in length or depth Northeastwardly between parallel lines at right angle to the said Windsor Road and crossing the bed of a certain twelve feet wide driveway which extends Southeastwardly into Glen Cove Road and communicates at the Northwesterly end thereof with a certain other twelve feet wide driveway which extends Northeastwardly into Minden Lane (fifty feet wide) and Southwestwardly into Windsor Road one hundred twenty feet, the Northwesterly and Southeasterly line thereof partly passing through the party walls between these premises and the premises adjoining on the Northwest and Southeast respectively.
BEING Lot No. 268.
HOUSE No. 1021 Windsor Road.
UNDER AND SUBJECT to certain conditions and restrictions as of record.
TOGETHER with the free and common use, right, liberty and privilege of a certain driveway as shown on the aforesaid plan laid out across the rear of these and adjoining premises as and for a driveway, watercourse and passageway at all times hereafter forever, in common with the owners, tenants and occupiers of the lots of ground bounding thereon and entitled to the use thereof.
SUBJECT, however, to the proportionate part of the expense of keeping said driveway in good order, condition and repair at all times hereafter, forever.
BEING Folio No. 11-00-03077-00.
IMPROVEMENTS CONSIST OF: a residential dwelling.
Hand Money
Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, P.C., Attorney

Mary McFall Hopper, Sheriff


Ref# 0003317579-01
PostedMay 24, 2017