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1120 E Sharpnack St a/k/a 1120 Sharpnack St 19150-3109 50th wd. 1,110 Sq. Ft. OPA#502323800 Residential Property Linda C. Koonce, in Her Capacity as Administratrix and Heir of The Estate of Marion Koonce a/k/a Marian Koonce; Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under Marion Koonce a/k/a Marian Koonce, Deceased C.P. July Term, 2017 No. 02503 $91,326.66 Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones, LLP

Ref# 0003347085-01
PostedFebruary 04, 2018