• 1803-325 2821 Memphis St 25...


2821 Memphis St 25th wd. All That Certain lot or piece of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, Situate on the Southeasterly side of Memphis St at the distance of 148 ft Northeastwardly from the Northeasterly side of Somerset St in the 25th ward of the City of Philadelphia.

Containing in front or breadth on the said Memphis St 14'2" and extending of that width in length or depth Southeastwardly between lines parallel with the said Somerset St 64'3-3/4" to a certain 3 ft wide alley, which extends Southwestwardly from Auburn St and communicates at its Southwesternmost end with a certain other alley 3 ft wide, which extends Northwestwardly and Southeastwardly from the said Memphis St to Aramingo Ave. PRCL# 25-1-4848-00 ROW 2 STY MASONRY Pennington 189 Management LLC et. al. C.P. November Term, 2014 No. 02112 $86,747.41 Richard J. Nalbandian, III

Ref# 0003346994-01
PostedFebruary 04, 2018