• Act 93 of October 15, 1998 Eff...

Act 93
of October 15, 1998
Effective on
December 14, 1998

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Pensions and Retirement will hold its' next regular Board meetings on May 30, June 27 and July 25, 2019. The Benefits meeting will begin at 9:30 AM, followed immediately by the Deferred Compensation and Investment Committee meetings. The meetings will be held in the Conference Room of the Board of Pensions and Retirement, 16th Floor, Two Penn Center Plaza, 15th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19102.
The meetings are open to the public.
Francis X. Bielli, Esq.
Executive Director

Ref# 0003394228-01
PostedMay 19, 2019