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The City of Philadelphia holds a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Solid Waste Permit for a site named the Northeast Airport Trench (Permit Number 60025). This facility is located at the western end of runway 15-33 at the Philadelphia Northeast Airport.

The City of Philadelphia is requesting a major permit modification from the PADEP in accordance with PA Code Title 25 Chapter 273 for Solid Waste Permit 60025. The permit modification requests a reduction in sampling frequency from quarterly to biannually, modification of parameters to be sampled, and removal of stream sampling requirements.

The PADEP requires public notice to be given regarding this permit modification request. Copies of the permit modification request will be available for review at the PADEP Southeast Regional Office at 2 East Main Street, Norristown, PA 19401. Written comments regarding the application may be submitted by the general public to the PADEP at the address given within sixty (60) days of PADEP's receipt of the application. Comments submitted to PADEP must reference the "City of Philadelphia Northeast Airport Trench Permit Modification for Permit 60025" on the envelope.

Ref# 0003323946-01
PostedJuly 11, 2017