SEPTA will ac-cept Bids/Proposalsvia our eBid systemfor the Bid/Proposalindicated. PhysicalBids/Proposals willnot be accepted atthe Pre-bid/Pre-Pro-posal Meeting. TheBid/Proposal will beopened electronicallyon the Opening Date/Time, and will be se-cure and unreadableuntil that time. If youhave not alreadydone so, you willneed to register forePS through septa.org. 17-00256-ACAC:Battery Sets for theLRV Fleet. Pre BidMeeting: January 3,208 at 10:00AM. BidOpening: January 4,2018 at 1:00PM. Buy-er: Carolyn Caruso.ccaruso@septa.org.215-580-7599.
17-00233-APQC: N-2-ACoupler Repair (3 Year). Pre Bid Meeting: January 4, 2018 at
11:00AM. Bid Open-ing: January 11, 2018at 11:00AM. Buyer:Peter Chung. pchung@septa.org. 215-580-3776.
17-00250-ACAC: Two Year Contract for Overhaul. Pre Bid Meeting: January 4, 2018 at 10:00AM.
Bid Opening: January 9, 2018 at 1:00PM. Buyer: Carolyn Caruso. ccaruso@septa.org. 215-580-7599.
17-00252-ARIB: Broad Substation Roof & Roof Me-chanical EquipmentProject. Pre Bid Mee-ting: January 9, 2018at 10:00AM. BidOpening: February 7,2018 at 11:00AM. Bu-yer: Racquel Burden.rburden@septa.org.215-580-8316. If youhave any questions,please e-mail theContact Person re-ferencing the BIDnumber.

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PostedJanuary 03, 2018