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The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter establishes a Civil Service Nominating Panel, the function of which is to submit to the Mayor in writing the names of three qualified persons for each position to be filled on the Civil Service Commission.

Mayor James Kenney's office has notified the Nominating Panel of the need to fill a vacant position on the Commission. As Chair of the Panel, Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania, has been asked by the panel members to invite nominations of properly qualified persons from a broad range of potentially interested individuals and organizations. All nominations and applications received by November 27th, 2017 will be considered.

According to the terms of the Home Rule Charter, no member of the Commission may be a member of any local, state or national committee of a political party, an officer or member of a committee or organization primarily devoted to partisan political purposes, or hold or be a candidate for public office. In addition, Commissioners must be in sympathy with the application of merit principles to public employment and are required to be residents of the City of Philadelphia or to acquire such residence within six months after their appointment.

The major function of the Commission under the charter is to serve as an appellate tribunal in cases involving employees against whom disciplinary action has been taken. However, the Commission also has important advisory and supervisory functions, including advising the Mayor and the Personnel Director on problems concerning personnel administration in the City service, making investigations, and modifying or disapproving proposed civil service regulations.

Forms and further information in connection with nominations and applications may be obtained from Dawn Maglicco Deitch, University of Pennsylvania, 3901 Walnut Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3682, ogca@pobox.upenn.edu, or 215-898-1636.

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PostedNovember 06, 2017