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Public Notice

Philadelphia: Air Management Services, 321 University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. 19104-4543, Contact: Edward Wiener, Chief, Source Registration at 215 685 9426.

The City of Philadelphia, Air Management Services (AMS) intends to renew a Title V/State Operating Permit for the following facility:

V15-000: Inolex Chemical Company (Jackson and Swanson Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19148) for the operation of a chemical manufacturing facility in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. The facility's air emission sources include a 52 MMBTU/hr boiler (limited to 49 MMBTU/hr), one (1) 20 MMBTU/hr boiler, one (1) 6.5 MMBTU/hr boiler, one (1) 49 MMBTU/hr boiler firing natural gas and No.2 fuel oil, Seven (7) reactors with Vent Condensers, one (1) reactor tank, one (1) distillation column with Vent Condenser, one (1) deodorizer tank with Vent Condenser, one (1) DMAPA Scrubber and a 150 hp emergency generator.

The operating permit will be issued under the Pennsylvania Code Title 25, Philadelphia Code Title 3 and Air Management Regulation XIII. Permit copies and other supporting information are available for public inspection at AMS, 321 University Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104. For further information, contact Mr. Edward Wiener (215) 685-9426.

Copies of all documents and information concerning this operating permit are available for review in the offices of AMS, room 218, 321 University Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104-4543 during normal business hours. Persons wishing to review these documents or to submit written comments should contact Edward Wiener (215 685-9426) at the above address. All written comments must be received by [30 days from publication date]. Comments received by facsimile will not be accepted.

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PostedApril 09, 2017