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Public Notice

Philadelphia: Air Management Services, 321 University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. 19104-4543, Contact: Edward Wiener, Chief, Source Registration at 215 685 9426.
The City of Philadelphia, Air Management Services (AMS) intends to renew a Title V/State Operating Permit for the following facility:
V14-026: Temple University, Health Sciences Campus (3401 North Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19140) for the operation of a hospital, college, university, & professional school in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. The Title V facility's air emission sources include the following: three (3) 74.6 MMBtu/hr boilers firing natural-gas (NG) or No. 2 fuel oil; one (1) 1.01 MMBtu/hr boiler firing NG or No. 2 fuel oil; one (1) 0.0947 MMBtu/hr boiler firing NG; four (4) fire pumps, each rated 250 kilowatt (kw) or less, firing No. 2 fuel oil; three (3) emergency generators, each rated 250 kw or less, firing natural gas; six (6) emergency generators, each rated 746 kw or greater, firing No. 2 fuel oil; and (10) emergency generators, each rated less than 500 kw, firing No 2 fuel oil or diesel fuel.
The operating permit will be reissued under the Pennsylvania Code Title 25, Philadelphia Code Title 3 and Air Management Regulation XIII. Permit copies and other supporting information are available for public inspection at AMS, 321 University Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104. For further information, contact Mr. Edward Wiener (215) 685-9426.
Persons wishing to file protest or comments on the above operating permit must submit the protest or comments within 30 days from the date of this notice. Any protests or comments filed with AMS must include a concise statement of the objections to the permit issuance and the relevant facts upon which the objections are based. Based upon the information received during the public comment period, AMS may modify the operating permit or schedule a public hearing. The hearing notice will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and a local newspaper at least thirty days before the hearing.

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PostedApril 02, 2017