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Pursuant to the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act, the act of May 19, 1995, P.L. 4, No. 1995-2. ('Act 2"), notice is hereby given that Post 260 Property Owner, LLC has submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ("DEP") a Notice of Intent to Remediate ("NIR") a site located at 260 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This NIR states that the former office building will be converted into a multi-family complex. An aboveground storage tank in the sub-basement leaked No. 2 fuel oil. Soil and groundwater has been found to be impacted with No. 2 fuel oil. Post 260 Property Owner, LLC has indicated that the proposed remediation measures will be to excavate as much impacted soil as possible without compromising the adjacent foundation for the building, installation of a vapor barrier beneath the new floor slab, capping with a new floor and groundwater monitoring. The proposed future use of the property will be residential for a multi-tenant apartment building.

Post 260 Property Owner, LLC plans to use the site-specific standard at the site. The Act provides for a 30-day public comment period for site-specific standard remediation. The 30-day comment period is initiated with the publication of this notice. Until May 4, 2017 (date 30 days after the newspaper publication date), the City of Philadelphia may submit a request to Post 260 Property Owner, LLC to be involved in the development of the remediation and reuse plans for the site. The City of Philadelphia may also submit a request to Post 260 Property Owner, LLC during this 30-day comment period to develop and implement a public involvement plan. Copies of these requests and of any comments should also be submitted to DEP, Southeast Regional Office, 2 East Main Street, Norristown, PA 19401.

Ref# 0003313314-01
PostedApril 05, 2017