NOTICE OF FILING AN APPLICATION - Noticeis hereby given that on 1/26/18 the MaritalTrust under agreement dated 10/31/2000 filedwith the Pennsylvania Department of Bankingand Securities, pursuant to the provisions ofSection 112 of the Banking Code of 1965, asamended, an application for approval to pur-chase or otherwise acquire voting control ofshares that will result in control of 10% ormore of the shares of common stock ofHyperion Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaand thereby indirectly acquire 10% or more ofthe ownership or voting control of HyperionBank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All inter-ested persons may file comments regardingthis application, in writing, with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securi-ties, Corporate Applications Division, 17 N.Second St., Ste. 1300, Harrisburg, PA 17101-2290. In order to be considered, commentsregarding this application must be received bythe Department of Banking and Securities nolater than thirty (30) days after the date thatnotice of the filing of this application ispublished in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Publica-tion in the Pennsylvania Bulletin may or maynot appear contemporaneously with this noti-ce. Please check the Pennsylvania BulletinWeb site at www. pabulletin.com to determinethe due date for filing comments.

Ref# 0003348939-01
PostedFebruary 11, 2018