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Notice of Action in Mortgage Foreclosure
In The Court of Common Pleas of Phila.County, Pennsylvania
Civil Action - Law
No. 161102853

U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee,successor in interest to Wachovia Bank, Na-tional Association, as Trustee for GSMPSMortgage Loan Trust 2005-RP2, Plaintiff vs.George Moyett, Sr. a/k/a George Moyett, asHeir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett; Un-known Heirs and/or Administrators of the Es-tate of Eulogio Moyett; George Moyett, Jr., asHeir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett,Defendants
To: Unknown Heirs and/or Administrators ofthe Estate of Eulogio Moyett; George Moyett,Jr., as Heir to the Estate of Eulogio Moyett -You are hereby notified that Plaintiff, U.S.Bank National Association, as Trustee, suc-cessor in interest to Wachovia Bank, NationalAssociation, as Trustee for GSMPS MortgageLoan Trust 2005-RP2, filed an Action in Mort-gage Foreclosure endorsed with a Notice toDefend, in the Court of Common Pleas ofPhila. County, PA, docketed to No.161102853, seeking to foreclose the mortgagesecured by the real estate located at 1908Mutter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122. A copyof the Action in Mortgage Foreclosure will besent to you upon request to the Atty. for thePlaintiff, Manley Deas Kochalski LLC, P.O.Box 165028, Columbus, OH 43216,614.220.5611. You have been sued in court. Ifyou wish to defend against the claims in thisnotice, you must take action within twenty (20)days after this publication, by entering a writ-ten appearance personally or by attorney andfiling in writing with the court your defensesor objections to the claims set forth againstyou. You are warned that if you fail to do sothe case may proceed without you and ajudgment may be entered against you by thecourt without further notice for any moneyclaimed in the complaint or for any otherclaim or relief requested by the plaintiff. Youmay lose money or property or other rightsimportant to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THISNOTICE TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IFYOU DO NOT HAVE LAWYER OR CANNOTAFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THEOFFICE SET FORTH BELOW TO FIND OUTWHERE YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP. LawyerReferral and Info. Service, Phila. Bar Assn.,1101 Market Street, 11th Fl., Phila., PA 19107,215.238.6333.

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PostedJuly 12, 2017