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In accordance with Pennsylvania's Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act (Act 2), Notices of Intent to Remediate (NIR) for soil have been provided to the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health) for the following properties: 2001 Beach Street Property [a/k/a Former Cramp Ship Yard (Parcel A)] eFACTS PF No. 831556, 2001 Richmond Street [a/k/a Former Cramp Ship Yard (Parcel B)] eFACTS PF No. 831661, and 2005 Richmond Street [a/k/a Former Cramp Ship Yard (Parcel C)] eFACTS PF No. 831562 located in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The NIRs report that environmental evaluations performed on the Properties revealed that the soil and ground water has been impacted by historic on-site industrial activities and fill placement. The NIRs also provided notification of the intention to remediate soil at the Site to Act 2 site-specific standards. In response to the NIR submissions the Department of Public Health has requested a public involvement plan (PIP). The PIP will be initiated by holding a public meeting to provide information about the Act 2 Remedial Investigation/Risk Assessment/Cleanup Plan Report that has been submitted to PADEP for Parcel A and to request public input on the reports to be prepared for soils on Parcels B and C. The public meeting is scheduled to take place at Oxford Mills, 100 W. Oxford Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 on Monday April 15, 2019 between 6 and 8 PM. A public repository of materials associated with the PIP will be established at the Fishtown Community Library Circulation Desk located at 1217 E. Montgomery Ave, Philadelphia, PA.

Ref# 0003385809-01
PostedMarch 14, 2019