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John W.R. Hilliard, Jr.Admin Trust. Jack R.Hilliard, a/k/a JohnW. R. Hilliard, Jr.,Deceased. Late ofPhila. County, PAThis Trust is in exist-ence and all personshaving claims or de-mands against saidTrust or decedent arerequested to makeknown the same andall persons indebtedto the decedent tomake payment with-out delay to WellsFargo Bank, N.A. andJohn W. R. Hilliard,Trustees, Attn: Wil-liam Blake, P.O. Box41629, Austin, TX78704

Evelynn S. RosnerRevocable Trust, U/D/T 7/3/1995 , Evelyn S. Rosner, De-ceased. Late of Phila.County, PA This Trustis in existence and allpersons having claimsor demands againstsaid Trust or de-cedent are requestedto make known thesame and all personsindebted to the de-cedent to make pay-ment without delay toBruce Rosner, Micha-el Rosner and WilliamRosner, Trustees, c/oThomas E. Shea,Esq., 1581 Main St.,Ste. 200, Warrington,PA 18976; Thomas E.Shea, Atty., Stern &Eisenberg, PC 1581Main St., Ste. 200,Warrington, PA 18976

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PostedFebruary 11, 2019