• In The Court of Common Pleas ...

In The Court of Common Pleas
Phila. County
Civil Action - Law
No. 170302937
Notice of Action in Mortgage Foreclosure

HSBC Bank USA, National Association asTrustee in Trust for Citigroup Mortgage LoanTrust Inc., Asset Backed Pass Through Certifi-cates Series 2003-HE4, Plaintiff vs. FarrahThach, as believed Heir and/or Administratorto the Estate of Juan Gonzalez a/k/a JuanDelcarmen Gonzalez; Edictor Gonzalez, asbelieved Heir and/or Administrator to the Es-tate of Juan Gonzalez a/k/a Juan DelcarmenGonzalez; Unknown Heirs and/or Administratorto the Estate of Juan Gonzalez a/k/a JuanDelcarmen Gonzalez, Defendants
TO: Unknown Heirs and/or Administrator tothe Estate of Juan Gonzalez a/k/a Juan Delcarmen Gonzalez, Defendant(s) - You arehereby notified that Plaintiff, HSBC Bank USA,National Association as Trustee in trust forCitigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc., AssetBacked Pass Through Certificates Series 2003-HE4, filed an Action in Mortgage Foreclosureendorsed with a Notice to Defend, in theCourt of Common Pleas of Phila. County, PA,docketed to No. 170302937, seeking to foreclose the mortgage secured by the real estatelocated at 2917 D Street, Philadelphia, PA19134. A copy of the Action in MortgageForeclosure will be sent to you upon requestto the Attorney for the Plaintiff, Manley DeasKochalski LLC, P.O. Box 165028, Columbus,OH 43216, 614.220.5611. You have been suedin court. If you wish to defend against theclaims in this notice, you must take actionwithin twenty (20) days after this publication,by entering a written appearance personally orby attorney and filing in writing with the courtyour defenses or objections to the claims setforth against you. You are warned that if youfail to do so the case may proceed withoutyou and a judgment may be entered againstyou by the court without further notice for anymoney claimed in the complaint or for anyother claim or relief requested by the plaintiff.You may lose money or property or otherrights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKETHIS NOTICE TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LAWYER OR CANNOTAFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THEOFFICE SET FORTH BELOW TO FIND OUTWHERE YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP. LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE, Lawyer Referral &Info. Service, Philadelphia Bar Assn., 1101Market Street, 11th Fl., Phila., PA 19107,215.238.6333.

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PostedJune 01, 2017