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Foreign Withdrawal -Notice is hereby giv-en that, pursuant tothe provisions of Sec-tion 4129 of the Busi-ness Corporation Lawof 1988, PARSONSFEDERAL SERVICESINC., a corporation ofthe State of DE, withprincipal office at 100W. Walnut St., Pasa-dena, CA 91124, andhaving a CommercialRegistered OfficeProvider and countyof venue as follows:c/o CT CorporationSystem, Phila. Coun-ty, which on 6/9/1999,
was granted aCertificate of Authori-ty, to transact busi-ness in the Common-wealth, intends to filean Application forTermination of Autho-rity with the Depart-ment of State.

Ref# 0003322961-01
PostedJune 28, 2017