FOREIGN WITH-DRAWAL - Notice ishereby given that, pu-rsuant to the provi-sions of Section 4129of the Business Corporation Law of 1988,Verizon Wireless Tele-com Inc., a corpora-tion of the State ofDelaware, with princi-pal office at One Ver-izon Way -VC54S433, BaskingRidge, NJ 07920, andhaving a CommercialRegistered office Pro-vider and county ofvenue as follows: c/oCT Corporation Sys-tem, Phila. County,which on 2/25/ 2008,was granted a Certifi-cate of Authority, totransact business inthe Commonwealth,intends to file an Ap-plication for Termina-tion of Authority withthe Department ofState.

Ref# 0003312755-01
PostedApril 02, 2017