FOREIGN WITH-DRAWAL - Notice ishereby given that, pursuant to the provi-sions of Section 4129of the Business Cor-poration Law of 1988,Pearson HoldingCompany, a corpora-tion of the State ofDelaware, with princi-pal office at P.O. Box4613, 5807 KennettPike, Wilmington, DE19807, and having aCommercial Regis-tered office Providerand county of venueas follows: c/o CTCorporation System,Phila. County, whichon 11/28/ 1933, wasgranted a Certificateof Authority, to trans-act business in theCommonwealth, in-tends to file an Appli-cation for Terminationof Authority with theDepartment of State.

Ref# 0003313613-01
PostedApril 09, 2017