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Foreign RegistrationStatement - Notice ishereby given thatCHC Medical Partners, Inc., a foreigncorporation formedunder the laws of thestate of DE, where itsprincipal office is lo-cated at 2536 E.Castor Ave., Phila.,PA 19134, and hasregistered to do busi-ness in PA with theDepartment of Stateof the Commonwealthof PA, at Harrisburg,PA, on 6/2/2017,under the provisionsof the PennsylvaniaBusiness CorporationLaw of 1988. Theregistered office inPennsylvania shall bedeemed for venueand official publica-tion purposes to belocated at c/o CTCorporation System,Phila. County.

Ref# 0003322289-01
PostedJune 22, 2017