FOREIGN REGISTRA-TION STATEMENT -Notice is hereby giv-en that Enterin, Inc.,a foreign corporationformed under thelaws of the state ofDE, where its princi-pal office is locatedat 3624 Market St.,Ste. 517, Phila., PA19104, and has regis-tered to do businessin PA with the De-partment of State ofthe Commonwealth ofPA, at Harrisburg,PA, on 6/13/2017,under the provisionsof the PennsylvaniaBusiness CorporationLaw of 1988. Theregistered office inPennsylvania shall belocated at 3624 Mar-ket St., Ste. 517,
Phila., PA 19104

Ref# 0003322290-01
PostedJune 22, 2017