• Fictitious Name Regis-tration ...

Fictitious Name Regis-tration - Notice is here- by given, pursuantto the provisions ofAct of Assembly No.295, effective March16, 1983, of the filingin the office of theDepartment of Stateof the Commonwealthof PA, at Harrisburg,PA, an Applicationfor the conduct of abusiness in Phila.County, PA, underthe assumed or ficti-tious name, style ofdesignation of CaliberCollision Centers withits principal place ofbusiness at 401 E.Corporate Dr., Ste.150, Lewisville, TX75057. The name andaddress of the entityowning or interestedin said business isCaliber CollisionTransport ServicesLLC, 401 E. Corp-orate Dr., Ste. 150,Lewisville, TX 75057.

Ref# 0003322958-01
PostedJune 28, 2017