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Court of Common Pleas
Phila. County, PA
Civil Division
NO: 160501741

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Plaintiff vs. Un-known Heirs, Successors, Assigns, and allPersons, Firms, or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest from or under VincentL. Brister, deceased and Lisa A. Rose-Brister,Known Heir of Vicent L. Brister, deceased,Defendant(s)


TO: Unknown Heirs, Successors, Assigns, andall Persons, Firms, or Associations ClaimingRight, Title or Interest from or under VincentL. Brister, deceased, Defendant(s), 4759 Meridian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19136.
Your house (real estate) at 4759 MeridianStreet, Philadelphia, PA 19136, 651164100, isscheduled to be sold at Sheriff's Sale on 2/6/2018, at 9:00AM, at 3801 Market St., 3rd Fl.,Phila., PA 19104, to enforce the court judg-ment of $141,008.76, obtained by NationstarMortgage LLC, (the mortgagee) against you. -NOTICE OF OWNER'S RIGHTS - YOU MAYBE ABLE TO PREVENT THIS SHERIFF'S SALE- To prevent this Sheriff's Sale you must takeimmediate action: 1. The sale will be cancelledif you pay back to Nationstar Mortgage LLC,the amount of the judgment plus costs or theback payments, late charges, costs, and rea-sonable attorneys' fees due. To find out howmuch you must pay, you may call: (610)278-6800. 2. You may be able to stop the sale byfiling a petition asking the Court to strike oropen the judgment, if the judgment was im-properly entered. You may also ask the Courtto postpone the sale for good cause. 3. Youmay be able to stop the sale through otherlegal proceedings. 4. You may need an attor-ney to assert your rights. The sooner you con-tact one, the more chance you will have ofstopping the sale. (See notice below on howto obtain an attorney.) YOU MAY STILL BEABLE TO SAVE YOUR PROPERTY AND YOUHAVE OTHER RIGHTS EVEN IF THE SHER-IFF'S SALE DOES TAKE PLACE 5. If theSheriff's Sale is not stopped, your propertywill be sold to the highest bidder. You mayfind out the price bid by calling (610)278-6800.6. You may be able to petition the Court toset aside the sale if the bid price was grosslyinadequate compared to the value of yourproperty. 7. The sale will go through only ifthe buyer pays the Sheriff the full amount duein the sale. To find out if this has happenedyou may call (215)686- 3535. 8. If the amountdue from the buyer is not paid to the Sheriff,you will remain the owner of the property as ifthe sale never happened. 9. You have a rightto remain in the property until the full amountdue is paid to the Sheriff and the Sheriff givesa deed to the buyer. At that time, the buyermay bring legal proceedings to evict you. 10.You may be entitled to a share of the money,which was paid for your house. A schedule ofdistribution of the money bid for your housewill be filed by the Sheriff no later than thirtydays after the Sheriff Sale. This schedule willstate who will be receiving the money. Themoney will be paid out in accordance withthis schedule unless exceptions (reasons whythe proposed distribution is wrong) are filedwith the Sheriff within ten (10) days after thedate of filing of said schedule. 11. You mayalso have other rights and defenses or waysof getting your house back, if you act immedi-ately after the sale. YOU SHOULD TAKE THISPAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOUDO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AF-FORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OF-FICE LISTED BELOW TO FIND OUT WHEREYOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP. Phila. LawyerReferral Service/Phila. Bar Assn., 1101 MarketSt., 10th Fl., Phila., PA 19107. PURSUANT TOTHE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICESACT YOU ARE ADVISED THAT THIS LAWFIRM IS DEEMED TO BE A DEBT COLLECT-OR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANYINFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USEDFOR THAT PURPOSE. Christopher A. DeNardo, Kristen D. Little, Kevin S. Frankel,Samantha Gable, Daniel T. Lutz, Leslie J.Rase, Alison H. Tulio & Katherine M. Wolf, At-tys. for Plaintiff, Shapiro & DeNardo, LLC,3600 Horizon Dr., Ste. 150, King of Prussia,PA 19406, 610.278.6800.

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PostedDecember 26, 2017