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Court of Common Pleas
Phila. County, PA
Sept. Term 2017 No. 001063

Shelley Unger and Terri Lisa Baxt, Administra-trices of the Estate of Alfred Gold, Deceased,Plaintiffs vs. Doris Goldman Tortola,Defendant


To: Doris Goldman Tortola, Defendant, whosepresent whereabouts are unknown.


You have been sued in court. If you wish todefend against the claims set forth in this ac-tion, you must enter a written appearancepersonally or by attorney and file your de-fenses or objections in writing to the courtwithin 20 days. You are warned that if you failto do so the case may proceed without youand a judgment may be entered against youwithout further notice for the relief requestedby the plaintiff. You may lose money or prop-erty or other rights important to you. Youshould take this paper to your lawyer at once.If you do not have a lawyer, go to or tele-phone the office set forth below. This officecan provide you with information about hiringa lawyer. If you do not have or cannot affordto hire a lawyer, go to or telephone the officeset forth below to find out where you can getlegal help. Lawyer Referral & Info. Service,Phila. Bar Assn., 1101 Market St., 11th Fl.,Phila., PA 19107, 215.238.6333
Jeffrey R. Hoffmann, Atty. for Plaintiffs
Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Hoffmann, LLC
636 Old York Rd., 2nd Fl.
Jenkintown, PA 19046

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PostedJanuary 01, 2018