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Court of Common Pleas
Phila. County, PA
Civil Action-Law
NO: 181004554
Notice of Action in Mortgage Foreclosure

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company asTrustee formerly known as Bankers TrustCompany of California, N.A. as Trustee ofMellon CRA Mortgage Loan Trust 1998-A,Plaintiff vs. Unknown Heirs, Successors, As-signs, and all Persons, Firms, or AssociationsClaiming Right, Title or Interest from or underAnilsa Perkins, deceased, and Roscoe Perkins,Known Heir of Anilsa Perkins, deceased,Defendant(s)
To the Defendant(s), Unknown Heirs, Success-ors, Assigns, and all Persons, Firms, or Asso-ciations Claiming Right, Title or Interest fromor under Arline Rasper, deceased: TAKE NOTICE THAT THE Plaintiff, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee formerlyknown as Bankers Trust Company of Californ-ia, N.A. as Trustee of Mellon CRA MortgageLoan Trust 1998-A, has filed an action Mort-gage Foreclosure, as captioned above. NOTICE: IF YOU WISH TO DEFEND, YOU MUST EN-TER A WRITTEN APPEARANCE PERSONALLYOR BY ATTORNEY AND FILE YOUR DE-FENSES OR OBJECTIONS WITH THE COURT.YOU ARE WARNED THAT IF YOU FAIL TODO SO THE CASE MAY PROCEED WITHOUTYOU AND A JUDGMENT MAY BE ENTEREDAGAINST YOU WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICEFOR THE RELIEF REQUESTED BY THE PLAIN- TIFF. YOU MAY LOSE MONEY OR PROPER-TY OR OTHER RIGHTS IMPORTANT TO YOU.YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS NOTICE TO YOURLAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALAWYER GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OF-FICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CANPROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUTHIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AF-FORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICEMAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH IN-FORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAYOFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PER-SONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE.Phila. Lawyer Referral Service/Phila. BarAssn., 1101 Market St., 10th Fl., Phila., PA19107. Christopher A. DeNardo, Kristen D. Little, Kevin S. Frankel, Samantha Gable, NicoleB. LaBletta, Leslie J. Rase, Alison H. Tulio &Katherine M. Wolf, Attys. for Plaintiff, Shapiro& DeNardo, LLC, 3600 Horizon Dr., Ste. 150,King of Prussia, PA 19406, 610.278.6800.

Ref# 0003382772-01
PostedJanuary 21, 2019