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Public Hearing Notice
The Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs of the Council of the City of Philadelphia will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, at 10:00 AM, in Room 400, City Hall, to hear testimony on the following item:
180993 ... An Ordinance authorizing the Commissioner of Public Property and the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, on behalf of the City of Philadelphia, to grant to PECO Energy Company an easement for the purpose of installing transmission lines across a portion of the parcel or parcels of land in and about the area bounded by Grays Avenue, Woodland Avenue, 56th Street and 57th Street, commonly known as Deritis Playground, under certain terms and conditions.
Immediately following the public hearing, a meeting of the Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, open to the public, will be held to consider the action to be taken on the above listed item.
Copies of the foregoing item are available in the Office of the Chief Clerk of the Council, Room 402, City Hall.

Michael A. Decker
Chief Clerk

Ref# 0003383043-01
PostedJanuary 23, 2019