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Of Bills and Resolutions reported from a Committee of the Council of the City of Philadelphia on Thursday, March 7, 2019:
180998 ... An Ordinance amending Title 14 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled "Zoning and Planning," by amending Section 14 603, entitled "Use Specific Standards," to revise the standards and procedures for medical marijuana dispensaries, under certain terms and conditions.
190151 ... An Ordinance to amend the Philadelphia Zoning Maps by changing the zoning designations of certain areas of land located within an area bounded by 21st Street, Oxford Street, 20th Street, Jefferson Street, and Ridge Avenue.
190129 ... An Ordinance constituting the Twenty Second Supplemental Ordinance to the Restat-ed General Water and Wastewater Revenue Bond Ordinance of 1989, as supplemented; authorizing the Bond Committee to issue and sell one or more series or subseries of tax exempt or taxable water and wastewater revenue bonds and revenue refunding bonds; authorizing agreements to provide credit enhancement or payment or liquidity sources (or any combination of the foregoing) for such Bonds; providing that such Bonds shall bear interest at fixed or variable rates; determining the sufficiency of pledged Project Revenues; authorizing the Director of Finance to take certain actions with regard to the sale of such Bonds, the investment of proceeds thereof and the City's continuing disclosure obligations with respect to such Bonds; setting forth the use of proceeds of such Bonds; covenanting the payment of interest and principal; and supplementing the Restated General Water and Wastewater Revenue Bond Ordinance of 1989.
190135 ... An Ordinance amending Chapter 19 1400 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled "Realty Transfer Tax," to clarify the definition of "Value," under certain terms and conditions.
190231 ... An Ordinance approving a Substantial Amendment to the Annual Action Plan 2018 2019 for $19,131,000 from the Housing Trust Fund Non Recording Fee Sub Fund, all under certain terms and conditions.

Michael A. Decker
Chief Clerk

Ref# 0003391914-01
PostedApril 25, 2019