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Change of Name
In The Court of
Common Pleas of Phila.County, PA
Nov. Term 2017
No. 0131

NOTICE IS HEREBYGIVEN that on 1/19/2018, the Petition ofRACHEL LILLIAN DI-DOMENICIS, was filedin the above-namedCourt, praying for aDecree to changePetitioner's name toRACHEL LILLIANMOLINO. The Courthas fixed 3/7/2018, at12:30 P.M. in Courtroom 691, City Hall,Broad & Market Streets, Phila., PA, as the time and place forthe hearing of saidPetition, when andwhere all persons in-terested may appearand show cause, ifany they have, whythe prayer of the saidPetition should notbe granted.
MICHAEL B. GRASSO, Atty. forPetitioner
ABEL LAW GROUPP.C. 1706 Race St.,Ste. 406
Phila., PA 19103

Ref# 0003349006-01
PostedFebruary 12, 2018