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Change of Name
In The Court of
Common Pleas of Phila. County, PA
April Term 2018
No. 4578

NOTICE IS HEREBYGIVEN that on 5/3/2018, the Petition ofDAISY EVA LOMAXwas filed in the above-named Court,praying for a Decreeto change Petitioner'sname to SHIRLEYDAISY LOMAX GREEN. The Court hasfixed 8/2/2018, at12:30 P.M. in Courtroom 691, City Hall,Broad & Market Streets, Phila., PA, as thetime and place forthe hearing of saidPetition, when andwhere all persons in-terested may appearand show cause, ifany they have, whythe prayer of the saidPetition should notbe granted.
BRETT J. ZEITLIN,Atty. for Petitioner
1845 Walnut St.,
24th Fl.
Phila., PA 19103

Ref# 0003364361-01
PostedJuly 10, 2018