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5628 Hunter St 19131 4th wd. Land: 1,200 Sq. Ft.; Improvement: 1,116 Sq. Ft.; Total: 2,316 Sq. Ft. OPA#043192600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Johnathon Stewart, solely as heir to the Estate of Idella Adams, deceased and Estate of Idella Adams, Deceased, and all unknown individuals, heirs, successors, assigns, business entities, non-profit entities, and/or charitable entities having and/or claiming any right, title, and/or interest therein, therefrom and/or thereunder C.P. September Term, 2016 No. 02416 $36,700.51 Richard M. Squire & Associates, LLC

Ref# 0003336553-01
PostedNovember 05, 2017