FICTITIOUS NAMEREGISTRATION - No-tice is hereby given,pursuant to the provi-sions of Act of As-sembly No. 295, ef-fective March 16,1983, of the filing inthe office of the De-part. of State of theCommonwealth ofPA, at Harrisburg,PA, on 3/10/2017, anApplication for theconduct of a businessin Phila. County, PA,under the assumed orfictitious name, style,or designation ofCommonHealth Can-nabis Company withits principal place ofbusiness at 772 N.23rd St., Phila., PA19130. The name andaddresses of the in-dividuals and entityowning or interestedin said business areBiedermann Beil Lev-ins, LLC, Andrew J.Biedermann, 772 N.23rd St., Phila., PA19130; Kurt A. Beil,628 Setson Rd., Elk-ins Park, PA 19027and Michael V. Lev-ins, 2322 Parrish St.,Phila., PA 19130.
Dilworth Paxson LLP,Solicitors
1500 Market St., 35thFl.
Phila., PA 19102-2100

Ref# 0003311830-01
PostedMarch 23, 2017