• The Teresa Payne Set-tlement a...

The Teresa Payne Set-tlement and MedicareSet-Aside Trust. Teresa Payne, DeceasedLate of Philadelphia,PA. This Trust is inexistence and all per-sons having claims ordemands against saidTrust or decedent arerequested to makeknown the same andall persons indebtedto the decedent tomake payment with-out delay to DeutscheBank Trust Company,N. A., Trustee, c/oKim D. Fetrow, Esq.,100 Four Falls, Ste.300, West Consho-hocken, PA19428-2983; Or to itsAtty.: Kim D. Fetrow,Heckscher, Teillon,Terrill & Sager, P.C.,100 Four Falls, Ste.300, West Consho-hocken, PA19428-2983

Ref# 0003321641-01
PostedJune 18, 2017