FOREIGN REGISTRA-TION STATEMENT -Notice is hereby giv-en that NephroDITHERAPEUTICS,INC., a foreign corporation formed underthe laws of the Stateof DE, where its prin-cipal office is locatedat 2324 Wallace St.,Phila., PA 19130, hasor will register to dobusiness in Pennsylvania with the De-partment of State ofthe Commonwealth ofPennsylvania, at Har-risburg, PA, on 8/31/2017, under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Business
Corporation Law of1988. The registeredoffice in Pennsylvaniashall be located at2324 Wallace St.,Phila., PA 19130.
Duane Morris, LLP,Solicitors
30 S. 17th St.
Phila., PA 19103

Ref# 0003332290-01
PostedSeptember 21, 2017