FOREIGN REGISTRA-TION STATEMENT -Notice is hereby giv-en that Fort Washing-ton Veterinary Hospi-tal LLC, a foreignlimited liability com-pany formed underthe laws of the Stateof Delaware, whereits principal office islocated at 100 N.20th St., Ste. 302,Phila., PA 19103, hasregistered to do busi-ness in Pennsylvaniawith the Departmentof State of the Com-monwealth of Pennsylvania, at Harrisburg, PA, on 4/25/2017, under the pro-visions of the Pennsylvania limited lia-bility company laws.The registered officein Pennsylvania shallbe deemed for venueand official publica-tion purposes to belocated at 100 N.20th St., Ste. 302,Phila., PA 19103.
Kleinbard, LLC,Solicitors
1650 Market St., 46thFl.
Phila., PA 19103

Ref# 0003315916-01
PostedApril 30, 2017