FOREIGN REGISTRA-TION - Notice is hereby given that FSGlobal Credit Oppor-tunities Fund-T2, aforeign business Trustformed under thelaws of the State ofDelaware where itsprincipal office is lo-cated at 201 RouseBlvd., Phila., PA19112, has or willregister to do busi-ness in Pennsylvaniawith the Departmentof State of the Com-monwealth of Pennsylvania, at Harrisburg, PA, on 2/28/17, under the pro-visions of the Pennsylvania BusinessCorporation Law of1988. The registeredoffice in Pennsylvaniashall be deemed forvenue and officialpublication purposesto be located at c/oCT Corporation Sys-tem, Phila. County.

Ref# 0003318381-01
PostedMay 18, 2017